Over the Rainbow Bridge

Here we honor the F.E.T.C.H. Therapy Dogs who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Steve, Tara, and Boogy

Dog: Boogy

Handlers: Steve and Tara

1 year of service

Dog: Cooper

Handler: Marina

4 years of service

Dog: Puppet

Handler: Lory

7 years of service

Photo of a black dog sitting next to a woman

Dog: Luna 

Handler: Celia

12 years of service

Photo of a woman kneeling next to a Irish Wolfhound

Dog: Quiiley

Handler: Betsy

7 years of service

Dog: Grizz 

Handler: Betty

5 years of service 

Dog: Sammy

Handler: Ina

8.5 years of service

Dog: Molly

Handler: April

6 years of service with ATD