Become a Team 

Are you thinking of becoming a therapy dog team? If so, congratulations! Therapy dog work is rewarding and fun!

The steps to becoming a therapy team are simple, but they do take time and commitment. Click the arrow to learn more.

1.  Review the guidelines at and see what being a therapy team is all about.

2.  Attend a therapy dog visit without your dog. This way you can see what being a therapy dog team is all about, ask questions of other team members, and make sure therapy dog volunteering is a good fit for you.

3. If you feel you and your dog are ready to test, please contact one of the tester/observers listed on the contact page.

4. Once you and your canine partner have passed the test, you will need to have at least three observed visits, two of which need to be at a medical facility.

5. Now that you have completed your test and required observations, all you need to do is send in your paperwork and fees to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, sit back and wait for your membership card to arrive! When you receive your card you are free to begin your career as a therapy dog team.

Financial Considerations